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Sidney is a four year old sable boy. He is very friendly, great with people and other dogs. He loves to run in the yard with the other shelties, play with his toys and run off the squirrels. He is an overall love. He's great on a leash and enjoys outings; he rides very well in the car. Sidney has an autoimmune disorder that is being controlled with Atopica, and he will most likely need to be on Atopica for the rest of his life. He is under the care of a veterinary dermatologist and will need to be monitored by his new vet when he is adopted. Keeping him local so he can continue with his current vet is a plus. The cost of these meds would be between $25 - $55 a month depending on what his final dose is once that is determined, which should be by the end of November. It is very important that his new owner is committed to maintaining his care. A fenced yard is required.

Sidney has gone to his new forever home with a wonderful family in MD.

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