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Princess is an 11 year old, 11 lb. orange Pomeranian who has the energy of a much younger dog. She is cute as a button, lively, funny, and very affectionate. She does fine around other dogs but will intrude as she wants all the attention to herself. It's all about the Princess! She loves to be with people. She would be happy to have a fenced yard where she could run. She's a speedy little thing. She is a very vocal little dog - barks at anything she can see out the window and has lots to say. She can jump pretty high for her size so watch for counter surfing. We think she is half kangaroo! She does ok on a leash. Princess is working on her house training. She is partially pad trained but sometimes misses. She is making progress, though. Prin is a very sweet, cute little dog with lots of love to give.

Princess has gone to her new forever home with a wonderful family in PA.

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