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Prince is a beautiful and delightful 8 year old boy, on the large size for a sheltie. He will follow you around the yard, even keep you company in the bathroom, and loves to go for walks. He likes to be petted and rubbed and he gives nice kisses. He is quiet in the house (for a sheltie), but likes to bark at people and dogs out on his walks. Prince loves oranges and has even snuck into the closet and taken them out of the box! He was an only dog in his past home, so he doesn't know how to play with his foster brother and sister, but does like to play with people and toys. He doesn't go on the furniture and will let you know when he needs to go out by whining. Prince is crate trained and rides well in the car. Fenced yard preferred.

Prince has gone to his new forever home with a wonderful family in MD.

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