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Kaylee is our happy special needs girl. She is approx. 8 years old and due to an old injury has 2 herniated disks between her shoulder blades. She has seen a Neurologist and he feels that we can do more damage by doing surgery than if we leave her be. She is NOT in pain, loves to play with other dogs, is a cuddler, loves to run short distances to play fetch. Her only limitations is she cannot jump and has some difficulty using steps. Her foster home has a ramp that she uses with no problems and she can handle a couple of steps (going down is easier for her than going up). As she ages she may need more accommodations, but we feel she would adjust well. She loves children, but because of her injury older children would be best so no one falls on her. She walks pretty well on a leash, rides well in a car, comes when called. The perfect home for Kaylee needs to have a fenced yard (so she can safely play fetch), a ramp or level access to the backyard and have LOTS of love and scratches for this wonderful girl. Kaylee is being fostered in Kearneysville, WV.

Kaylee has gone to her new forever home with a wonderful family in MD.

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