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Jazzy is a 2 year old double merle sheltie. She can hear very loud noises, but she cannot place where they are coming from or what they are. Jazzy can see but we're not sure how well. Once she knows her environment, she appears to see fine. If something new is brought into her space, she will be scared of it at first and will take her time to come closer and investigate. If she is out away from home, she is often scared by things that she canít see very well. Jazzy likes to play running and chase games with the other dogs. She also likes to play with toys, but canít always see them if they get too far away from her. She does best if the toys are rolled past her and arenít going too fast. She canít seem to track toys being thrown as well. She likes to run through an agility tunnel while playing. Jazzy is a funny and active girl. She is crate trained and rides well in the car. She knows basic obedience with hand signals. She knows how to shake hands, and if you hold out your hand, she will lift her paw to it. We prefer that Jazzy goes to a home that is familiar with deaf dogs. A securely fenced yard is absolutely required.

Jazzy has gone to her new forever home with a wonderful family in DE.

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