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Yes, I know. I look a little odd. I'm missing a front leg, you see. They don't know why. Maybe I was born this way, maybe there was an accident when I was a puppy. Doesn't matter, I manage OK. I was a stray, and no one wanted a three legged sheltie. I was badly matted, so I also had to be shaved. So many indignities! But my coat will come back in, and I will be beautiful again. They say I have a beautiful soul...I love everyone and even let a puppy lick my face at the vet's office! I'm a very nice boy, maybe about 7 years old. Just because I don't have a left front leg doesn't mean I don't deserve to be loved like the other dogs. I can't go up and down steps, but I can walk around the yard and I sure can lay at your feet, be your friend and love you! Will you love me?

Cosmo has been gone to his forever home with a wonderful family in Southern MD.

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